Jonathon Goode : Honorary Witch
The Crystals of Aztlan

A sci-fi novel by Australian author Michael Lingaard.

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Twelve thousand years ago, the fabled island of Aztlan, in a cataclysmic event, disappeared beneath the sea, taking with it all the island’s mysteries, which were lost forever. Or were they? Bloodlines lived on, passed on through Aztlan’s survivors. These bloodlines included powerful priests and priestesses, who controlled almost mythical powers through the magic of Greater and Lesser crystals. In modern day England, 16-year-old Jonathon Goode and his cousin, Elizabeth Waterhouse, are told by a fairground fortune teller that they will meet an elf in an emporium where magic is bought and sold. It comes to pass. The elf gives Jonathon an Everywhere Key, opening a doorway to a realm between realities. Three Muses of magic in the realm are convinced that Elizabeth is the heir to an ancient bloodline of Priestesses, and believe she has the power to control a Lesser crystal. They were wrong. Elizabeth does have a magic power, but it is the power of a biomorph. Elizabeth is a shape-shifter. It is Jonathon who has the true power. The Muses tell a tale of a crystal that is no longer lost and is being use for evil. They want Jonathan and Elizabeth to find it and return it to them. But the crystal is in another reality, one they can access through the Everywhere Key. They end up in the land of Thallos, where the survivors of Aztlan fled when their island home was submerged. But Thallos is also the home of Great Worms, dwarves, trolls, and magicians.


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five star fantasy novels

“What first caught me about this book is the wonderful plot it made me think about Atlantis since Aztlan sounded a little bit like Atlantis from the plot. I am so grateful that I did read it as it is such a great book. I like how Mr. Lingaard created a bit of three worlds and together into this book. I especially like the way he had the magic aspect of the book. I also liked how we followed more than one character throughout the book. I like despite the differences between Earth and the other two worlds the characters are all becoming friends with each other. The people from Earth try to help one of the worlds out even more than what they are supposed to do.”

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five star fantasy novels

“The first thing that caught my eye was the title of this book. Men and boys were supposed to be wizards right? How could Jonathan Goode, a boy be an honorary witch?
The plot is really interesting. Its about a boy and his transformations. The story line shifts between realms of reality and fantasy. And, the transition is so subtle and smooth that the story narration remains unaffected. sometimes, strange things happen when they are least expected and the plot simply reflects this statement. This book takes you on a magical journey.
The narration is fast paced and can keep you engrossed till the end. The writing takes a reader into a world of unicorns, elves, dwarves and centaurs. On the whole, a perfect treat for visualisations. Michael has used a language that is appropriate for children to read this book as well. Hence this book has a universal appeal.
The characters are apt and have a role to play in the story line. They exhibit emotions that any person in their shoes would feel. The protagonist Jonathon is a perfect replica of a young boy who is nervous, curious and courageous.
To sum up, I loved the imageries that this book presented. A book that can be read by the young and old alike. This book promises a sequel.
P.S- Thank you Kim of SBPRA for an interesting book in exchange of an honest review…”

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five star fantasy novels

“With a blend of C.S. Lewis and the more fanciful side of Tolkien, author Michael Lingaard delivers an epic, spellbinding, and thoroughly modern fantasy with his novel Jonathon Goode: Honorary Witch— The Crystals of Aztlan. While reminiscent of canonical classics of the genre, Mr. Lingaard’s work is by no means derivative; rather, it is a perfect coalescence of beloved fantasy elements woven together in such a way as to feel both comforting— almost nostalgic— and entirely new. Age-old tropes are explored in a fresh light, lending a contemporary perspective to mythic archetypes and the perennial coming-of-age story.
Set in modern-day England, the intricate book leaps across space and time, taking our young heroes— Jonathon and Elizabeth— from a chance encounter with a fortune teller to the mystic land of Aztlan 12,000 years in the past. Elizabeth, it seems, is the heiress of an ancient, holy bloodline, while Jonathon discovers that he possesses world-altering powers. As these two youths journey farther into alternate universes and forgotten ages, they are called upon by three muses to undertake a quest of the utmost importance— and of the utmost danger.
Mr. Lingaard has managed, with only the first book in his series, to craft a comprehensive mythology and cosmological landscape worthy of the finest fantasy writers. His characterisation eschews any of the woodenness so often found in the genre, presenting instead thoroughly fleshed-out and active protagonists whose narrative— and personal— journeys captivate the reader at every turn. Jonathon Goode: Honorary Witch— The Crystals of Aztlan proves a compelling read and a true gem of contemporary fantasy, fulfilling the desires of the avid fan, while too offering bold and unique inventions and inversions that are sure to delight.”

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four star fantasy novels

“I have always been drawn towards the Magical fiction Genre, whether it is by J.K. Rowling or J.R.R Tolkien, I have loved all of them. Reading Jonathon Goode: Honorary Witch, the Crystal of Aztlan (boy that’s a big name) by Michael Lingaard was like re-living the days of Childhood when I 1st read my Harry Potter book, yet the story is something totally new and was a lovely read.
The author has done a splendid job of creating an amazing fantasy world. I loved reading the part of Jonathon and Lizzie, they are both new to this magical thing yet they get hold of it pretty quickly, doing their part very efficiently. The story is spaced between past and present and using magic Jonathon and Lizzie travel space and time. They take upon an important task, that has a lot of danger in it, but with help from the past they go ahead with their task and on the way finds their true power. Whether they can complete their task or not, for that you should read the book, I won’t spoil the fun.
While I loved reading the part of the book that featured Jonathon and Lizzie, I really did not enjoy reading the parts with the other characters, like Sir Percival. It is not that those characters are not interesting or necessary, they are a major part of the story. But the way it was written, I was not able to get a grip on the situation, to be true I did not understand what it was trying to say most of the times. I know that this is a fantasy genre and I am truly impressed with the story, but sometimes I got lost among all the words the author used to describe something or a situation. Maybe a second time reading will give me a better conception of the idea.
This book is the 1st book of a 3 book series, so I will surely be looking forward to the next book.

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